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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rio Haryanto takes maiden victory in Auto GP race two at Valencia

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Valencia (Djakarta News - - Indonesia's Rio Haryanto won the second Auto GP race at Valencia on Sunday morning, overcoming Adam Carroll to score the DAMS team's second victory of the weekend.

Starting fourth on the grid, he made a rocket-like start to grab second place behind Carroll (Campos Racing) in the opening two corners. After stalking Carroll for four laps, Haryanto made a decisive pass into Turn 2 on lap five.

Once ahead, he immediately pulled well away from Carroll, who was left to defend from fellow front row starter Samuele Buttarelli (TP Formula), which he managed to do for the rest of the race to claim second. GP3 race winner Haryanto won by almost 10s to take his first victory in the series.

Adrien Tambay (Campos) finished fourth, but was made to work hard for it. Fabrizio Crestani (Lazarus) did not give him a moment's rest from start to finish, but Tambay held on by just over a tenth of a second. In a rare overtaking move, Fabio Onidi (Lazarus) grabbed sixth from Adrian Campos Jr (Campos) with a great lunge at the final corner.

Campos would later go off at Turn 2, allowing GP2 star Luca Filippi to finish seventh for Super Nova. Saturday race winner Sergei Afanasiev (DAMS) was pushed onto the grass at the start, and dropped to 12th. He was running 11th until making a pitstop on lap 14, meaning he finished last.
Results - 17 laps:
Pos  Driver                       Team             Time/Gap
 1.  Rio Haryanto              DAMS         24m42.401s
 2.  Adam Carroll             Campos          + 9.479s
 3.  Samuele Buttarelli       TP                   + 10.204s
 4.  Adrien Tambay           Campos          + 11.597s
 5.  Fabrizio Crestani         Lazarus           + 11.773s
 6.  Fabio Onidi                 Lazarus           + 12.135s
 7.  Luca Filippi                 Super Nova    + 14.732s
 8.  Kevin Ceccon             Ombra            + 17.155s
 9.  Giovanni Venturini        Durango        + 18.011s
10.  Pasquale di Sabatino   TP                 + 19.728s
11.  Daniel de Jong             MP                + 21.469s
12.  Giuseppe Cipriani        Durango        + 31.581s
13.  Francesco Dracone      Emmebi         + 32.811s
14.  Sergei Afanasiev          DAMS          + 1m01.395s


     Adrian Campos Jr         Campos          15 laps

Source: By Charles Bradley

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